We need more digital skills

Progamming has now came to elementary school. As digitalization changes business models, even the everyday life of individuals are affected by the level of new skills they possess. 

Finland is in the best position in the world for creating business benefits from deepening digitalization, but when it comes to utilising the actual concepts, the country is ranked fifth. Last year we were among the last.

We certainly are not too prejudiced, but we do seem to lack the courage to make big decisions and effect real change. This a matter of generation and culture.

Finnish children have just started their first year with a syllabus that includes code writing, for example. This is a tangible example of the direction that we all are headed, an example of the skills that we are required to have from a very early point in our lives. We must start improving our digital skills and understanding today, not a day or a year later.

I do not event want to mention the IoT here. It is far beyond digitalization and consists from a lot more than just sensors and assortments of random expensive technology.

The goal of my empolyer Enfo is to make it as easy as possible to understand digitalization. Recently launched knowledge platform thedigitaldimension.com offers information and practical examples for everyone interested in utilising digitalization and being leaders in it.

The idea to create this platform emerged from discussions with a CEO. He admitted that he didn’t know what digitalization actually means or what it can create. This led us to conclude that there is a need to explain the phenomenon more efficiently. After all, digitalization is something that affects us all, people and businesses alike.

What all Finns should know about digitalization?

Digitalization is not a threat. It is a tool for further developing our welfare state. With it, we can both tackle the sustainability gap and build new services and products that generate jobs and revenue for Finland. 

The high level of education that Finns have, their positive attitude to technology and the high speed at which ideas spread, enabled by digitalisation, all provide an internationally significant competitive advantage. 

What all businesses should know about digitalization

Digitalization favours the bold and the brace. It is often difficult to predict success, and this is part of today’s business. New types of actors may emerge quickly and shake up the entire market. As this is the situation, it is well worth testing new ideas and ways without prejudice. 

If it looks as if a particular digital solution is not suitable to the needs of your business, it is good to try something else. What is important is to do something instead of watching others do it.