Who is Pete Nieminen

Leadership, Business, Technology and Cybersecurity

Pete Nieminen is a well-known professional who has been selected 11 times among the top 100 IT influencers in Finland. He has over 20 years of experience in new technology solutions, information management, business development in various forms of digitalization and leadership. In addition to his professional career, he does active blogging and his opinions and knowledge are often quoted in the press.

During his career, Pete has worked in expert and leadership positions at several companies, including IBM, BasWare, Enfo, Atea and Salomaa Group. He has widened his approach and network by participating at the Finnish Association of Information Technology (TIVIA) and Tietoturva ry (FISA) as a board member and chairman of the board. In order to deepen his knowledge and ability to understand things event more comprehensively, he has acquired over 70 international technical certifications and has undergone several training in leadership and various process models.

Pete helps organizations to develop their business and services through IT. He does a lot of practical research for new and future solutions, but also for managing traditional business models and operating environments. He acts as an advisor, consultant, and part-time IT manager for organizations that require support due their transformation journey on digitalization, IT or business.

As a performer, he brings energy, up-to-date knowledge and courageous questioning of status quo. Each presentation has its own story, which aims both to help listeners understand to bring new ideas and operating models to help either in their own or in organizational development. Presentations are held in Finnish or English and radio and TV news are also familiar.

Current areas of expertise include:

      • Leadership and people
      • Business and development
      • Technology and research
      • Cybersecurity and privacy

Most current technology solutions are public cloud services, hybrid solutions, IoT, block chain technologies and second-generation cyber security.

Because of his extensive expertise, Pete has always believed in Albert Einstein’s statement: “If you can’t explain something clearly enough, you don’t understand it well enough”.

At his free time Pete is interested on home automation solutions, travel and renovation work. His hobbies include car racing, IPSC-shooting, various games and travelling with his family.

Pete is the right person to challenge the current state, to help bring things forward, to answer questions, to motivate them to do things in a new way and to support change and transformation.